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    Ground Level $5 Per Glass Pane or Piece
    2nd Story and above $5 Per Glass Pane or Piece
    This clean includes a basic wipe down of screens and towel used to wipe drips from tracks. (POOL FENCING OR INTERNAL BALUSTRADE PRICED @ $4 PER PIECE)
    All Levels $6 Per Glass Pane or Piece
    All Jobs will vary, so priced on application

Urban Window Cleaners Gold Coast Charge Just $5 per glass pane

A note from the director:

We charge a standard Gold Coast window cleaning base rate of $5 per glass pane. For an idea of pricing you can look around your entire house and count up each individual glass pane. Once you have the total figure multiply that by $5 and then you have your rough base price.

If you want your tracks detailed and vacuumed out then this is something we’re happy to provide. We will add this to the base price.

What if I just want my glass cleaned? If you don't want your tracks cleaned and detailed - as a standard we will wipe the tracks out with our towel as we go along, further to this, we can also give the screens a wipe down as well. However, if the screens are really dirty and need detailing, then this of course will cost a little extra.

I do my absolute upmost to provide every customer with an accurate quote and I completely understand everyone has a budget to meet. So, if there is something you are not entirely sure on, or why I've priced it a certain way - then please discuss this with me and I'm sure we can come to an agreement that we are both happy with!

If outside window cleaning is all you need then thats not a problem either. We will bring the window washing tools we need to get the job completed perfectly.

*Our $5 per glass pane applies to standard homes, houses with massive panes of glass will incur an additional charge. Glass that hasn't been cleaned in over 2 years will usually add about 10% to the quote. This does not apply to builders cleans. Builders cleans are priced on application. We always use natural window cleaner which is the best glass cleaner available.

Warm regards,

Lachlan Quinlan

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Pay by Debit or Creditcard

URBAN | Gold Coast Window Cleaners bring the View to You

Gold Coast Clear view window cleaning
Cleaning interior windows in Runaway Bay

Are you looking for the very best Gold Coast house washing experience or do you just want to find out the best window cleaning prices on the market right now? You can count on us to provide a very good experience and we will even offer a discount for larger properties if you need a complete Gold Coast window cleaning quote.

Something to note about our house washing and window cleaning services is that we can provide both commercial and residential services. We use specialist equipment such as pressure washers to get rid of those pesky marks and dirt build-up. This means you can count on us regardless of the situation and we will gladly deliver the results you need in no time!

Typically, once you call us, we will come to you on-site to assess the situation. This allows us to provide an accurate quote on the spot. There are cleaning screens, lower tracks, ledges and sills that all need to be taken into consideration for the entire cleaning process. With our cleaning procedure, the process is better, faster and more convenient for everyone involved.

What makes our service stand out and why should you ask for a quote?

Perhaps the best part about our service is that it’s always completed to an incredibly high standard. Nathan has a vast amount of experience in the window cleaning services sector. He's successfully tackled some very large window cleaning contracts over the years. We can also carry out other a variety of other services such as solar panel cleaning to completely satisfy your needs. We can even provide a complete house washing Gold Coast experience if you so desire.

We are fully committed to value and we always bring the best solutions that you need for your home. Nothing is impossible, rest assured that each time you work with us, it will be a delightful and pleasant experience from start to finish. We have a lot of focus on value and quality. It’s our belief that, by offering the best services on the market, all of our customers will be left very happy with their experience! So, aside from all the previously mentioned services, we also deliver some of the best prices that you will find anywhere.

If you want expert window cleaning then you have definitely come to the right place!

When you ask for a quote, we will immediately come to your location and assess the situation, free of charge. We can then share an accurate quote for the entire project. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.